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Writing at Telegram7 means you will grow your profile and deliver your creative thought through our google News Site.

If you are looking to write a creative article and deliver new ideas, which Telegram7 is famous for, you simply need to sign up to our website, fill out the form, and start sending us your articles. The only thing we require is that your passionate, and open mind is respectful of different beliefs and thoughts.

Filling out the form means submission of a short resume, a brief bio, basic contact information and one 144×144 px photo. Previous experience in professional writing is not needed, but having good command of the English language is necessary.

Remember the key to success is maintaining the column and being active on social media; writers who spend time promoting their content throughout their social media outlets have better tools to deliver their thoughts to others. Tools such as Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and email always help.

We require 600-800 words for opinion articles, and 300-400 words for news stories. International news needs to be unique with verified source and the reason for adding news to the site, opinion articles are used to make sure your voice is heard no matter what country you live in. We encourage you to get out and follow up with current events in your community; take a pictures and record video.

The good news is that there is no cost to writers and contributors for joining us, but donations are always welcome to cover needed expenses.


There are rules to remember, do not violate Telegram7 writer guidelines or write an article that contains:

  • * Content that encourages or promotes hate of violence acts against any groups, faith and religion.
  • * Attacks against any group or person
  • * Content encouraging the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or tobacco-related content
  • * Articles promoting or describing methods for hacking and / or cracking content
  • * Content that promotes illegal use of weapons or firearms and/or advocates use of same in violent acts
  • * Content that is abusive or harmful to any group of individuals including women and children
  • * Copyrighted material quoted or reproduced without verified permission from the original source including, but not limited to a link, receipt for purchased image, or attribution to the original source, including photos, videos, memes and graphics

Telegram7 retains the rights to accept or refuse to publish and edit any article to meet guidelines.

In order to start your submissions, please download and fill out the simple form below and wait for our invitation to join the Telegram7 team of columnists.

Download submission form HERE