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Pakistan Shia Killings: July 10th to 12th


On Thursday, July 10, Asif Karbalai, a Shia Muslim, was ambushed by anti-Shia terrorist groups late at night as he was returning home. This was a success in a third attempt at his death by this terrorist group. In protest to his murder, Shia organizations in Pakistan staged sit in’s at Numaish. On Saturday, July 12, a Shia official in the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board was killed in a shooting. On the same day, Shia scholar Allama Waseem Shirazi and his father were shot dead by terrorist group as they were on their way to Friday prayers in Abbottabad. Shia targeted killings continue in Pakistan as this government has not taken any action to protect Shia population.

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Mustafa is a Human Rights activist and the founder of Shia Rights Watch. He has been awarded by Human Rights Education Associates for his work on Minority Rights. He is a programmer and developer who dedicated his professional and academic life to protecting minorities and writing about their oppression. Due to his work and background in the Middle East, he has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in the region and in working to prevent extremism and violence against all minorities. As a Shia Muslim, his main concern is in the oppression of Shia Muslims with respect to the rights of minorities.


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