Recently I was asked whether or not I believe that the United Nations (UN) still has a significant role to play in world affairs. In response, I have written an article as to why I believe that the UN’s urgency to play role in international affairs is without question and one that really has little debate to it.

The statement that the UN undoubtedly has a crucial role to play in world affairs is best supported when one merely review the initial founding structure of the UN. The UN was initially set up in such a way as to execute a one world government; however, the enactment of this structure has yet to succeed, and thus, as explicated in the many current tangles of world affairs, it is thus evident that there is significant room for improvement in achieving the UN’s original structure as a reference to its initial documental status.

In this article, I will explicate three examples as to why the UN need conduct proper reformation in order to better involve itself in world affairs. The first example that I will explicate will be that of the current abhorrent effects of terrorist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in effect leading into the discussion of why groups such as ISIS exist, chaos in unstable countries that lack government and thus provide room for unstable socioeconomic issues to turn into terrorist breeding grounds; finally, leading me into my third and final reason of the alarming possibility of a nuclear war, as well as the dire effects that these prospects could impose on the world.

The threat of ISIS is very real and one that has been taken all too lightly in recent world affairs. Although there are many underlying inferences as to why the ISIS was created, though media and politics will continuously attempt to debunk and debate these reasons, the main reason ISIS and really any terrorist group is able to breed connects directly to socioeconomic turmoil within a country. The mere notion that ISIS was created on a bias of hatred enacted by people who are not granted many of their basic human rights as stated within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), such as food, water, freedom of religion and the right a safe haven, clearly explicates the many ignored issues of our world, inferring many reasons as to why the UN should enact involvement in adherence with these affairs.

The fact that a minority of the world holds the majority of the worlds wealth and is thus able to focus their daily worries on petty issues such as whether or not they are able to fashion the latest trends, while billions of people must confer whether or not they have enough food to feed themselves or if they instead need to save it to feed their small children should make ones stomach turn; yet, more times than none, it does not. This unsettling notion is thought linked to the fact that people would rather not focus on these issues and instead worry about themselves, as is the easier and less heart throttling option. It is for this reason, among a variety of others that the UN has yet to be reformed, as many of our world leaders mimic the above notion.

Conclusively, the idea that a terrorist group exists that is able to overturn governmental powers and destabilize regions is entirely too authentic of a reason for the UN not to intervene. The threat of a terrorist group this powerful enables the possibility of this faction to get ahold of weapons all too powerful, such as weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), which could in turn lead to the destruction of the world as we know it. If a group that the majority of the world thought unlikely to succeed, has overturned cities and destabilize territories with mass military power, then their ability to get ahold of these weapons should not be underestimated, thus expounding significant reason for the UN to intervene.

In conclusion; however, the UN cannot and will not intervene to the extent needed until cooperation be had on all parties’ sides. This collaboration is thought unlikely from the eyes of someone who has spent the last 4 years intensely studying the collaboration of universal efforts. It is not that this partnership between world powers is impossible or even merely that difficult; but instead, it is thought unlikely due to selfish notions referring to my above paragraphs regarding the idea that many would rather choose to care about themselves than elucidate a bleeding heart over world affairs, as is demonstrated in the case of Russia’s recent desire to overtake various territories, as if it were still the 1800’s. Further, it should be deemed that the world is headed down a dim and eerie road that could lead to mass extinction unless someone step up and decide to enact some deep-rooted philosophical efforts on elucidating heart over power.


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